Hello there!

There’s not too much to tell about me. I’m an amateur photographer from the Detroit area, specializing in candid photography – I like to “capture the moment” during my shoots, so things can get random and fun!

For casual photo shoots, I work under a very liberal “trade for print” model – in other words, I get valuable experience doing photography and you get some good photos for your own use. I don’t charge, but I will ask for permission to use some of your photos in my portfolio here. But: even if you don’t give me permission, I will still gladly do a photo shoot with you and you will still get the photos! It’s kind of a win-win 🙂

For business photo shoots, I charge a very modest $50 per hour flat rate; the clock doesn’t start ticking until I arrive at the shoot location and start setting up. All photos from a business shoot will be handed over to the business, will be their sole property, and will never be included in my portfolio unless express permission is given by the business.

So, what does “Capy” mean? Well, simple: it’s short for “capybara” – the world’s largest rodent. I have loved capybaras for years! They are hairy, chubby, get along with pretty much everyone, and are pretty chill creatures – just like me!

Interested in working with me? Email me at capy.media@gmx.us